History of the "ISRZ" PJSC container production

The history of the "ISRZ" PJSC container production started in 1975 when it was decided to build the first container plant in the Sukhoi estuary's convenient harbor.

In 1976, the first containers were manufactured, and in a few years, container production reached its maximum in terms of volume - 6,000 units per year.

"ISRZ" PJSC Container production TODAY

Today, "ISRZ" PJSC CONTAINER PRODUCTION is the only enterprise in Ukraine offering first-class conditions for container manufacturing of any type, including their modernization and testing.

The Register of Shipping of Ukraine carries out technical supervision over the fulfillment of international conventions' requirements for universal sea containers.

Our production can manufacture a container under any qualifying societies' supervision with all the relevant documents on the customer's request.

The container production is carried out according to progressive large-unit technology at assembly and welding stands, ensuring high accuracy of installation and stability of regulated dimensions.

The high quality of welded joints is achieved by semi-automatic welding. The color scheme and paints and varnishes protect containers from corrosion during their service life before overhaul.

Our containers' reliability and quality are ensured by:

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    well-equipped production base with test benches

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    extensive use
    of advanced technologies

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    highly qualified

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    a well-organized technical control system

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    a clearly organized system of technical testing

Conclusion of the CCI

Quality and reliability are the priorities that buyers are guided by when choosing certain products.

Quality and reliability are exactly what Ilyichevsk Shipyard can offer when it comes to container production.

Of course, you can buy containers from other manufacturers, but only here can you find certified products of such high quality.

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