Living modules and bathroom units

"ISRZ" PJSC Container production manufactures and sells:

  • construction living modules
  • office containers, supervisor's modules
  • bathroom and shower units
  • trade pavilions, country houses, security checkpoints

Our products' advantages

  • Reliability and mobility - the possibility of multiple moving from object to object with no additional traffic police escort
  • possibility of 2-tier installation
  • possibility of individual planning
  • turnkey production time from 3 weeks

Modern technologies and finishing materials used for the containers' inner lining and installing additional equipment (heater, air conditioner, plumbing, etc.) will create the needed comfort for our Customers at construction sites and offices.

At the customer's request, office containers can be completed with water supply, drain system, heating, and air conditioning.

Name Dimensions L х B х Н, мм
External: 6058 х 2438 х 2591
Internal: 5870 х 2245 х 2325
OFFICE-6 with a vestibule
Vestibule: 1100 х 1100
External: 6058 х 2438 х 2591
Internal: 5870 х 2245 х 2325
OFFICE-6 DOUBLE with a vestibule
Vestibule: 1100 х 1100
OFFICE-9 with a vestibule
External: 9000 х 2438 х 2591
Internal: 8812 х 2245 х 2325
OFFICE-12 with a vestibule
External: 12000 х 2438 х 2591
Internal: 11812 х 2245 х 2325
External: 6058 х 2438 х 2591
Internal: 5870 х 2245 х 2325

Brief technical description of the office and living 20-foot container:

Frame: load-bearing steel structure with corner fittings for securing the container during transportation.

Facade walls: profiled sheet δ1.5mm St3sp (ps), primed and painted, thermal insulation - mineral wool ISOVER δ50mm with hydro / vapor barrier, interior decoration - MDF carriage (color - "wood-like") or OSB-10mm board.

Floor: hemming from below with a metal sheet δ1.0mm, insulation - mineral wool δ100mm, OSB plate δ18mm thick, "parquet-like" linoleum.

Window: PVC single-chamber double-glazed windows.

Door: steel single-leaf insulated, with a door lock.

Electrical equipment: copper stranded wire for industrial equipment, residual current device, lamps, sockets, input for connection from an external network with a voltage of 220V, the maximum total power of the connected electrical equipment is 3.3 kW.

We consider all the proposals of the Customer for changing the design.